Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Sunday

Mutterings continued.

Non-performance days feel strange - I keep looking at the clock, working out how much time I have left before I have to start getting ready.

I've had a very slack day - got up about 10am, which is really, really late for me; did a bit of washing and caught up on the telly programs I've recorded during the week. Recorded on my new DVD recorder, I might add. The History Channel showed a doco on the history of London, a city I love.

I've changed my blog mirror site to: I didn't like MSN's blog space very much as it was impossible to copy and paste from other blogs into it. I rather like the look of Live Journal.

Think I'll take myself to Freo Markets tomorrow and then to Stock Road - I want to visit the second hand bookshop for more BBC Shakespeares. I'm hoping they have Midsummer Night's Dream, GRADS next production.


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