Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wind, rain, bit of sunshine

Mutterings continued.

A mixed bag of a day, weather-wise.

Last night's audience was small but I think they enjoyed the show. I got to sit with Leece and Ros - Leece's review can be found here. I even got to drink a glass of red at interval and didn't collect my props afterward. Slack Props Diva.

I received an email from Pat this arvo asking if I'd help out front of house on Saturday evening - said yes, of course.

Had lunch with Kim at Secret Squirrel (Garden), which was nice as always. And there was a nice parcel sitting on the doorstep this morning containing the soap and goodies I had ordered from Corryn's. Nice smells abound. The mail contained a credit card statement and a lovely Russian Exhibition postcard from Leece.


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