Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another Thursday

Mutterings continued.

Nice sunny day. Wore my contacts to work and realised that I really need to buy some sunglasses. Kim and I took a stroll to Lemongrass Restaurant (she had Green Curry and I had roast pork with noodles - a v. messy dish) which took us across Windsor Park. The Council has done a nice job of tarting up the park, however the footpath is bright white and reflects the sun like crazy. Kim put her sunnies on and I scrunched my eyes up to keep the glare out. Not an attractive look.

Ever since the release of the first dire Mission:Impossible movie, rumours have abounded that, at last, the tv will series will be released on DVD. Here's the latest.

Had dinner with TUS at Retro Betty's last night. Ate too much but was generous with my wedges, which came with sour cream and chilli sauce. Came home and watched Firefly.


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