Saturday, October 22, 2005

A busy weekend ahead.

Mutterings continued.

Done the grocery shopping. Shiny thing purchase - portable CD player, TEAC, $49 (half price) from K Mart. They're having a sale on electronic gizmos, including I Poddy-type things, but there are too many to choose from and I'm not sure I have the patience to download 120+ songs onto something the size of a stick of chewing gum. I'd only lose it; lord knows I can never find my mobile phone.

Heading up cut lunch and water bag territory tonight. Off to see The Truth in Kalamunda, which is a very attractive town in The Hills. According to Whereis, Kalamunda is only 35 minutes from my place; that is, 35 minutes, plus time for road works, plus getting lost...

Funny old day, weather-wise. Grey clouds, patches of blue sky, brilliant sunshine on the balcony where the cats are sunning themselves.

Great doco on the Biography Channel the other night about the making of Deep Purple's Machine Head album. That's the one that features the song with one of the two best guitar riffs ever - Smoke on the Water (the other being Cream's Sunshine of Your Love). In '98 my friend Bill and I drove from France into Geneva and drove "along the Lake Geneva shoreline". Couldn't get that line out of my head (not a bad thing).


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