Thursday, October 20, 2005

Another week flies by

Mutterings continued.

Another Friday tomorrow.

Quite pleasant weather today - I had my window open for most of the day, though I did have to close it to keep out the noise of the council wood chipper moving inexorably along the verge outside my office. 19c tomorrow and showers. Hurrah!

Had lunch with the wonderful Pat, whom I thinking of designating as Mam3 (Mam2 being Ashley's mother, Carole). We talked shop (ie theatre) and wondered how her daughter was faring in Mexico. Not a good time to be in Mexico right at the moment.

There are too many plays on, or coming up, that I want to see: Paul "Dr Prentice" Treasure's Anything Goes, Blak Yak's The Truth (which we're going to see on Sat.), Les Mis (aka The Glums) next Thursday, Harbour Theatre's Relatively Speaking (Alan Aykbourn), Playlover's Arsenic and Old Lace, and the Hayman Theatre panto, The Legend of Snow White. I suppose it is a Good Thing that community theatre is healthy...

Then there are the movies I've missed - WereRabbit, Howl's etc etc.

Dinner at Hippo Creek last night was very nice indeed. Couldn't finish my Sticky Date Pudding!


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