Monday, October 24, 2005

That was the summer that was

Mutterings continued.

Warmish yesterday, windy and wettish today. I suspect we didn't reach the 22c forecast.

Tonight's episode of Mythbusters: " Episode 33: Killer Brace Position
Everyone knows that talking on a cell phone while driving is potentially dangerous, but is it as risky as driving drunk? To find out, Adam and Kari head to a local raceway to try their hand at driving a skills course, first, while being distracted on a cell phone, and then after knocking back a couple of rounds of beers. Then, the guys strap themselves into their own homemade mock airplane and go for a little ride straight down to test the efficacy of that oh-so-familiar brace position that airlines outline in their safety procedures. "

It looks as though we've sorted out our play-going schedule; I may have to see a couple of performances on my own due to L and R's busy November.


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