Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunny Sunday

Mutterings continued.

Not too warm, though I did put the air con on in the car coming back from the airport. I had lunch at my brother and sister-in-law's place in Roleystone, then dropped him off at the domestic terminal for his flight to Marandoo - which is here.

Last night:

Where to start with Blak Yak's The Truth? We were talking to Tim, one of the directors, in the foyer before the performance and he said that they had put it all together in 7 weeks. It shows. It was only the second night but there was a sense that they really needed a few more tech rehearsals under their belt. Dropped lines, dropped cues, missed entrances, sound gremlins, uncertain lighting. It felt as though the actors knew their lines and were damn well going to say them, not always at the right time, and without listening to the other actor. And the curtain call was very ragged and slow - the curtain was open for quite a while before the first set of actors came on for their call. And one of the dwarves took his beard off!

However, some performances were wonderful - I want Gaspode! The chap playing and voicing him, however, became part of the performance and wasn't just the puppeteer. Other characters on stage were reacting to him, not to Gaspode the dog. The set was very well done - three areas: the printing press SR; a chair and table which doubled/tripled for Vetinari's office, a kitchen, the cellar, cells, the Watch; and a mezzanine US. The printing press was great with a working fan. And the sossige inna bun got a big laugh.

We had a nice stroll around Kalamunda; I found a shop which sells Yorkshire Tea but it was closed. There was someone in there but they wouldn't open up. I don't care if she was the cleaner! Looks like I'll have to take myself up to Kalamunda again for some Brit comestibles.

We found a fish and chip shop and indulged ourselves - shark for me, Red emperor for the others. Mushy peas were available but I declined.


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