Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Code 2 Milo

Mutterings continued.

In Zoo emergency protocol parlance, a Code 1 is the escape or potential escape of a dangerous animal (large carnivore, elephant, rhino, baboon, etc). This elicits the full response - firearms, vets with dart guns, people on standby to evacuate the Zoo, that sort of thing. A Code 2 is the escape or potential escape of a critter not considered dangerous - kangaroo, lemur, tortoise, etc. Tonight we had a Code 2 Milo - he fell off the edge of the balcony, taking one of my stone dragons with him.

Milo's in one piece, if a little shaken; the dragon didn't fare so well. I dashed downstairs and grabbed Milo before he took off. Silly boy.

Lots of stuff in the postbox and on the doorstep when I got home. The obligatory "Xmas is a couple of months away so you must spend squillions on your family or they'll know you don't love them" cattledogs and a letter from the ANZ finalising Dad's account. It ain't gonna be as easy as I thought - they want a whole heap of paperwork we don't have. *sigh*

And the parcels contained: a)The Original Radio Scripts of HHGTTG plus the Pocket Guide; and b) a very nice art deco silver plate sugar bowl. Has gorgeous handles.

And a card saying there's something waiting for me at the post office.

We're off to see Hairy Pooter and the Thing (I'm confused by all the titles and have given up trying) on Dec 1 at the lovely Astor cinema. The Silvery Gibbon Project is having a fund raiser - for $15 we get tickets AND and magic bag of loot (if you consider Freddo Frogs, Chupa Chups, crisps and the like loot. Which I do.)

Mythbusters was a repeat last night, however one of the stories involved dropping a lift 8 stories, which was very cool. Lots of destructive fun.


Anonymous Alicia Smith said...

Poor Miles! Was he trying to prove/disprove the falling cats thing?

7:48 pm  
Blogger Possbert said...

Should have strapped a slice of buttered toast to him if I'd known!

8:41 pm  

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