Friday, November 11, 2005

Frink, frink.

Mutterings continued.

Met the troupe of Ring-tailed lemurs this afternoon. We went into the walk-in enclosure with a container of sultanas and were descended upon. As expected, they are very cute - bloody strong too when they want the sultanas in your hand.

And then we were set upon by the Squirrel Monkeys. Love these guys - after a couple of minutes in the enclosure you become part of the furniture and are fair game. I ended up a little bloodied about the left knuckles when one of them decided to see just how long I could stand him chewing me. I cleaned and Savloned myself thoroughly and hope there aren't any Squirrel Monkey zoonotic diseas......

And speaking of lemurs, John Cleese has had one named after him - Avahi cleesei.

Amusing headline from National Geographic - Researchers have unearthed fossil evidence of a 135-million-year-old "sea monster" they're calling Godzilla. In other news, the whereabouts of Mothra are still unknown.


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