Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Accidental Frinking

Mutterings continued.

THE John Cleese has a website. There is A John Cleese lookalike who has the domain, so it looks as though the Real John Cleese has amusingly called his Ring-tailed Lemurs abound. I came across it while looking for something else, hence the 'Accidental Frinking'.

Happily Ever After: "As the ending of the new film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is changed to provide eight minutes of extra schmaltz for its American release, Stuart Jeffries rethinks a few other closing scenes."

And also from The Guardian:

My Life as a Penguin.
They are the flightless birds everyone is talking about this winter, after a film about their mating and chick-rearing skills became a surprise US hit. But can penguins really teach a man how to live, as some claim? Tim Dowling joined the huddle to find out


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