Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lunch time blogging

Mutterings continued.

I'm off to El Presidente Pat's house tonight to do some GRADS newsletter folding and stuffing and gossiping (I hope) so I thought I'd blog now (not that I've done anything worth writing about).

I also see that there is an expected outage of Blogspot at 9PM PST (whatever that is). I'm not sure how that translates into real money, so I'll whitter on now, just in case.

This is cute.

Whoops, forgot my hot weather whine. It's 31.7c out there! I was invited down t'cafe for a coffee but renegged. Much rather stay here in the cool of my office where the aircon is actually working. Yay! for technology.

The Guardian review of Orlando Bloom's latest. I don't think he liked it. (I think the comment, "The rest of 2005 can bring us nothing worse than this." gave it away.) I know I bang on a bit about young Mr B, it's just that every movie that comes out seems to have him bloody in it.

Speaking of Legolas, I saw an episode of 20th Century Roadshow presented by that nice Yorkshireman, Alan T'itchmarsh. One chap brought in a genuine Legolas bow, as used by Orlando Bloom. He'd paid US$20,000 for it. Twit.

Mind you, the expert chappie who looked at it said that it will probably continue to appreciate. The twit's wife wasn't too happy at the time, apparently, as the money was to go to a new kitchen. Which probably would have made their house appreciate at a faster rate than the bow.


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