Sunday, November 20, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Back from Fremantle. Having pillaged and plundered three of the better second hand bookshops, I have come home with The Admirable Chrichton, a book of four English tragedies and three "new" English dramatists ("new" being in quotes because the book contains Orton's entertaining Mr Sloane, which may have been new in the 60s, but ain't now). All for a grand total of $5.

I found a copy of Boswell's diary of his doings in London.

Also purchased more of Corynne's home made soaps and some Wombah coffee beans (they're 'organic'! Like to see coffee beans that weren't, come to think of it).

Lunch at the food hall near the markets - a mound of Nasi Goreng and four huuuuge prawns.

Dins last night with L and R was great - we all had the beef and Burgundy pie. Mmm. Went very nicely with Cascade Light I drank and the Bees Knees I wore, thanks to a very clumsy waitperson. Then it was an appallingly sexist movie, Moonbase Something, or was it Something Moonbase?, given the MST3K treatment. Rob apologised on behalf of his 50% of the population for misogyny contained therein. It was written by Robert Heinlein, which is odd because there was no sex or fetishism that I could see.

SPOILERS!! The Doctor's latest regeneration. Plus some amusing bits at the end. More cool stuff - "Doctor Who Confidential reveals the secrets of Doctor Who. An exclusive look behind the scenes."


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