Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dress Ups

Mutterings continued.

Panto night tonight. I'm looking forward to it as the Hayman theatre production is always a hoot. And it's fun to yell directions at the actors - "He's behind you!" "Oh yes he is!" and "Get off!"

Shopping at Garden City is getting pretty hideous in the lead up to Xmas. Good thing I get there early - left at 9.30 to the sight of drivers doing the circuit of the different car parks looking for a space. And what were all those kids doing out shopping with their parents at 8.30??

Shiny thing purchase - several, all pressies. Got a groovy lime green metal citrus juicer for sis-in-law.

Rob and Leece have been talking about electric bicycles. The GiaCarlo is very cool, looks like a scooter and has a very attractive speedo.


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