Thursday, December 22, 2005

First in, best dressed, and all that.

Mutterings continued.

Back again - had a bad couple of days, got dumped, got upset, got angry, and now I don't give a shit. Posses bounce back pretty quickly and don't waste their lives feeling sorry for themselves when they've been insulted and treated very shabbily. Thanks to all my mates for listening to me vent, thinking up imaginative forms of revenge, and making me feel loved.

I ordered a copy of Serenity with Ezydvd yesterday - their version comes in a rather nice looking tin. Cost $33 and Ezydvd say that they only have 7,000.

Leece has put her wonderful zebra on a series of t shirts at Cafe Press - I've just bought one to match my fabbo cushions. And mug. And bag. Hmmm...I see a pattern here. A striped pattern. Tee hee.

I'm treating myself next Friday to a stay in a nice hotel in the city - The Chifley on the Terrace. Has a spa, free movie and looks rather nice. I'll be taking the mini DVD player, just in case the movie isn't too good. L and R are coming over and bringing Mystie. Should be good.

Hard to believe it's Christmas in 3 days time - it's just started raining!

I WANT THIS! It's a robot velociraptor.

I've heard of an oil cartel and a drug cartel - but a cardboard box cartel??

Cool - in more ways than one. This giant squid is only a tiddler, at 7m long.


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