Monday, January 09, 2006

I've got a Feather Footed False Frog!

Mutterings continued.

Parcel from Cafe Press sitting on my doorstep when I got home - had the aforementioned False Frog on a long-sleeved t shirt. Very cool - it looks as though it's water coloured. Thanks Leece and Rob.

The Further Adventures of 'arry, the 'o, 'a, 's. e's moved across the bathroom and is just near the loo.


Blogger fiona glass said...

Sounds painful. :D

12:56 am  
Anonymous leece said...

Oh, they are! Especially when they pinch all the butterscotch!

"In the rainforest these strange creatures, also known (inaccurately) to the locals as frog flitters are highly adapted for one thing - mischief! Many a camp has been enchanted by the antics of these creatures only to find after a sudden 'alarm' and consequent dissappearance of the culprits all supplies of goodies ransacked. They are, for some reason particulary fond of butterscotch. The psuedo feathers on their wrists and ankles, along with the flattened feather like tail and the broad webbing of their hind feet assist them in slowing their rate of descent as they leap between branches and trees."

12:12 pm  

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