Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Back from dinner with TUS at Retro Betty's in Leederville. I got there early and had a mooch around the Oxford ST bookshop. I came away with 2 books - one for Ashley's birthday and another for myself. It's the hardback edition of Vol. 2 of His Dark Materials (with added drawings) by Philip Pullman.

Rob has a shiny red new toy, which he hasn't blogged about yet, so I'll leave it to him to describe.

For dins I had chilli beef with beans on steamed nice. Nice it was, too.


Anonymous rdm said...

Ok, Ok, I can take a hint!

Go and have a look now - and also check out the tech reviews, where I go into things in a bit more depth.,m=1138802921,s=0

10:10 pm  

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