Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Day Off

Mutterings continued.

Public Holiday and a day off today as it's Australia Day. Well, a day off for us white collar workers.

Lots of fun to be had at Net Disaster - just input a hated URL and arrange for the page to be trashed. Dinosaurs, flood and flower power are cute. It was created by a school in the UK.

Tuesday night: went to a Dream production meeting. Ah, if only all production meetings were a dream. I have a basic props list that I'm sure will be built upon. Some things will be easy to get or manufacture; some, such as a tombstone and a witch's broom, not so easy.

Last night: had dinner at Retro's with TUS. I had the lean beef chilli with rice and a Pink Sunset - berries and watermelon juice that wasn't so much pink as a lovely deep red.

Leece has created some great anti-Valentine's Day t shirts. Given recent events in my life, I'm very tempted by the Not Bitter shirts.

Interesting concept - Firefly season 2 on demand.


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