Thursday, February 02, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Had lunch with Kim and Pat at the Book Caffe in Mill Pt Road. I had the chicken and bacon bagel, which was divine! Avocado and dijon mustard. Delish. The Caffe is one of these sensible places that does breakfast all day. I think I might treat myself to the Big Breakfast one of these days

I've just downloaded a really, REALLY annoying ringtone for my mobile phone. Not that I want it, it's for something that Stephen the Director has in mind for Dream.

From Shiny Shiny: " Tom Baker becomes voice of text

Gone are the good old days when text messages were in the written form. You see, while you may write them on your mobile as texts, send them to your text-enabled BT landline and a computerised voice will read them out for you. Some of you may like to point out that you may as well just call the person rather than send them an eerie robot voice message, but that would be churlish of you. And anyway, while the original voice may have sounded like you were being stalked by the great Stephen Hawking, for a short time you can have Doctor Who make your calls for you.

That's right, it's the now ubiquitous Tom Baker, the man currently responsible for shouting over the top of Little Britain, who will be voicing the "texts" for the next 3 months. Head over to Tech Digest to find out how it all works." Hoot!

And speaking of Shiny, hey, Leece! This is the Flybook I was trying to describe last night.

Who in their right mind would pay US$450 for Hello Kitty earrings??? Who would pay $4.50???


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