Sunday, February 05, 2006

Flamin' 'ell!

Mutterings continued.

14:29 and it's 37c. Supposed to have been 29c. Not happy. It was hot yesterday however the evening cooled off nicely; here's hoping the same will happen today. And tomorrow.

A great night's viewing, and eating, last night. I finally introduced L and R to Black Books and we took great delight in repeating lines back to each other. "It's nice here....indoors." "I do sell a lot of...wank." The Little Book of Calm that Manny swallowed is the same Little Book of Calm, only slightly bigger, that the Chifley on Terrace had on the bedside table.

I obviously wasn't very calm when I took this photo!!

We watched another incomprehensible episode of Rah Xephon, a great, great ep of Kolchak: the Night Stalker (with the very X Files title of They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be...), a rather cool ep of Space:1999 (featuring Ian "Lovejoy" McShane as the disposable star of the week) and a really bad, which means good, episode of MST3K. This week's offering was Jungle Goddess, which has a lot of stock footage of animals in the African jungle - you know, lions, cheetah, tigers, orangutans, mountains lions, the usual.

Speaking of S:1999, I'm pleased to see that Ezydvd has got series 2 for $29. I've got Friday off and plan to visit Carousel, which is where Ezydvd is at. Hopefully they will have it stock; otherwise I'll pay the $1.50 postage and order it online. Dunno when series 3 will be available.


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