Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Mutterings continued.

I was sitting with Pat in the Book Caffe at lunchtime hoeing into a chicken and bacon bagel (gods, but I'm a creature of habit), when she said, "That sounds like rain.". And it was! There were a couple of very, VERY loud claps of thunder this afternoon and now there are rumblings that sound like they're getting closer.

Not a pleasant day, for all that, as the temp reached 41c; it's currently 32c.

Off to rehearsals tonight with rifle bag, flowers and dog-onna-rope in tow.

Watched a great episode of South Park last night. "Tom Cruise is in the closet and he won't come out!" Had a right royal go at the loonies in Scientology and the really loony things they believe. This is the episode Cruise got banned in the UK when he threatened to sue the network screening it. Apparently he's in Oz at the moment - wonder if he'll sue SBS?


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