Sunday, February 12, 2006

Keeping Cool.

Mutterings continued.

It's been a productive weekend - props shopping yesterday, props buying and making today. I didn't end up going to rehearsals, I stayed inside, out of the heat, and made props instead. And I bought a witch's broom for $20 on Ebay. Much easier that trying to make one. I really should read the script to see where the besom comes in.

Great night last night - the beef swags were delish and Rob made an evil dessert which had choc gelati, nuts, topping and Kit Kats. And we watched Rah Xephon (episode 19 - I just love slash-your-wrists anime), Black Books, Space 1999, Kochak (a very cool vampire episode) MST3K (an appalling propaganda piece about Russkies with nuclear weapons in which everybody dies).

And today I've been having a great time watching series 3 of Babylon 5.

I had a look on the Piccadilly Cinema website for The Bouncer and found this succinct review of Underworld Revolution: "Bloodthirsty hack and slash sequel to the successful critically panned 2003 vampire flick with slinky kate beckinsale returning as the leather clad pistol packing vampire selene and scott speedman as her hybrid lover."

Don't think they like it. I know Kim didn't - apparently Derek Jacobi is the best thing in it and wears some lovely clothes. And Bill Nighy's performance is the same as in Underworld. This isn't a good thing.

The Bouncer, by the way, opens on my birthday - isn't that nice?


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