Saturday, February 25, 2006


Mutterings continued.

32c at 3pm. Not toooo bad, though I did have the aircon on while I was out and about props shopping at lunchtime. I'm still having trouble getting the lights I want but I did manage to find some really nice cushions that Director Stephen decided he wanted last week. He also decided he wanted a rifle bag - not essential, "but it would be nice". So I got him one. The things I do for directors!

No shiny thing purchase today, at least, not for me - I did buy 10 candle lanterns.

L and R are coming for dinner so I bought some nice looking chicken thingies from the great butcher at Garden City. Chicken, tomatoes, cheese in a lattice pastry. And I've made a salad to go with it.

Interest in Babylon 5 has been increasing, at least it has at work. I was talking to my Trekkie friend who said she had been watching episodes from Series 3 on Foxtel. When I told her I had the first four series, and all the movies, her eyes lit up, so I've loaned her series 1. And then I was talking to another friend yesterday, who works with Friend 1, and was with her when she took delivery of Series 1. He wants them after her. I was pleased to learn his favourite character is G'Kar. The lad has taste.


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