Saturday, March 04, 2006

Weekend, Long.

Mutterings continued.

It's Labour Day on Monday, a public holiday.

No L and R tonight as they are attending SwanCon. Last night I called by their hotel room at the Acacia, where the Con is being held, and we had a Saturday night on a Friday. We ordered room service and watched some good stuff, including the Dr Who Christmas special. Great fun.

The weather has been hot but not tooooo unpleasant. It's 37c at the moment, with the next week promising to be much the same. Apparently Perth has had its mildest summer long time, which is nice. We have been promised a hot March, however.

The Dream props list was added to on Wednesday night (surprise, surprise). This evening I shall be making some pink sleeping masks with feathers on them. Today I made a moon onna stick - a rather nice white lantern strung on a chain hanging off a green bamboo pole.

To misquote Mrs Drudge in the Real Inspector Hound, "The same, two hours later." I have finished the sleeping masks - glittery pink with fake maribou feathers around the edges. And up my nose, over my clothes...


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