Monday, March 13, 2006

Without him, it's just a yo!

Mutterings continued.

A busy weekend behind me, a string of late nights before me.

L and R came over for dins and DVDs on Saturday. We had chunky pepper steak pies, mashed spud and tarragon carrots and coffee and walnut cake while watching a mess o' Serenity extras (so many, we didn't get around to watching Rah Xephon, Space:1999 or Kolchak), Black Books, from which the quote in the title comes, and a very bad, very sub-sub-Ghoulies/Gremlins 80s MST3K called Hobgoblins. Only the riffing from Mike and the bots made it watchable.

Old Man: The vault! I tried to warn you! Those creatures! The vault! I tried!
Crow: Sentence fragments! Just phrases!

Daphne: And you know what a man wants after two months of army training...
[Cut to Nick making humping movements]
Mike: Belly Dancing Lessons?!?

Unsurprisingly, very few of the leads actually went on to make any more movies. Two of the lesser lights, however, went on to make a hell of a lot of stuff. One of them, credited as Daran Norris, the overly fey MC at Club Scum (yes, that was the name of nightclub in the movie, a place that looked more like a CWA hall dressed up with shiny things than a nightclub) is the creator and star of Veronica Mars (under the name Rob Thomas). I don't think this series has aired in Aus - it was mentioned by Joss Whedon on the Serenity Q & A as being a very worthy tv show and it gets its own sub-section on the board.

And the guy who played Road Rash, a not terribly good bouncer at the aforementioned nightclub, has also done a lot of stuff, most notably Pulp Fiction.

Most of yesterday was spent at the New Fortune dressing the set with vine leaves, organising props and running the play. The torches didn't perform as expected - more fuel is needed!


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