Sunday, March 19, 2006

The same, two days later

Mutterings continued.

Another free night ahead, hurrah! Last night I flaked in front of the telly, watched a couple of episodes of R and H (D), one of which has a commentary by Charlie Higson (writer, director, etc etc) and the stars, Jim and Bob. The episode they commentated on was the one I bought the disks for - the one in which Derek Jacobi guest starred.

Attended the GRADS AGM yesterday afternoon and came home with the position of secretary thrust, every so nicely, upon me. I informed the Society that Dream will be my last production for this year.

Got up this morning to find that Gus had been into the rubbish bin and dragged the remains of a chicken carcass into the lounge room. *sigh*

And then I headed to Carousel for a bit of retail therapy and to get some cat food. Went to feed the cats this morning to discover that the larder was bare, Whiskers-wise. Came home with 6 tins of cat food (on special for 99c), two kaftan tops and a black frock (I have no idea why I bought myself a frock! I don't actually wear them and haven't worn anything approximating a frock or a skirt for over 10 years. It was black, made of linen, reaches the ground and only cost $19.95.) and pressies for my brother's and niece's birthdays. Oh, and a couple of Beatle's DVDs for $4.95 each from Ezydvd.


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