Monday, April 03, 2006

A Monday

Mutterings continued.

during which I had a mild panic attack and a close-up look at Simmo the Saltwater Crocodile.


Today I misread the closing date for a piece of very important paperwork and thought I had to get it into a government agency by this Friday. It's actually not due until May 18. Phew! Still, I've nearly completed it so I should get it in early. Famous last words and all that...


And on the way back from lunch (ham and brie panini, capuccino) we called into the Wetlands to have a look at the penguins, birds and reptiles. Simmo was floating right next to the glass viewing bay with just the top of his head visible. Water refraction made him look about a third his real, enormous, size.

I'm very fond of reptiles, especially crocs and snakes.


The small gods of telly programming have conspired against me and decided to put three of my favourite shows on at the same time on a Monday night - SBS and Discovery have Mythbusters and Arena has The Sopranos. Good thing about cable telly is that everything is repeated several times over the coming week so I'll be able to catch up with MB and TS.

Rob, if you're reading this - I'm recording the Underpants Gnomes episode of South Park.


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