Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Wednesday

Mutterings continued.

during which I didn't get out of the office and talked myself into chilli beef and rice for dins. And stared out the window at some noisy neighbours.

Keep it down out there! Some of us are trying to sleep.

Around 4ish this arvo, a flock of Carnaby's cockatoos landed in the pine tree next to my office and did what cockatoos do best - make a racket. It sounded something like, "Squaaark squaaark munch munch thud!", the thud being the sound pine cones make when dropped from a height onto the metal roof of the meat shed. The birds were still there when I left work.

Yesterday we saw four young corellas in a tree near the Painted Dog exhibit screaming to be fed.

No walkies for you.

Spent the day in front of the computer and the photocopier (not both at the same time though I probably could as both are in my office). It was a nice day outside, too - 23c, which is most civilised. 26c tomorrow, 30 by Saturday. Not tooo bad.


Off to Betty's for dins with TUS shortly. Leece had the chilli beef with rice last week and it looked very nice, so I think that's what I'll have.

The first one is always free.

I'm proud to say that I've addicted a Trekkie friend into the ways of Babylon 5. She is ploughing through the disks, extras and all, at a great rate and is up to series 3. A male friend of ours, who has also just discovered B5, is quite enamoured with G'Kar and Cathy took great delight in telling him that there's an episode with G'Kar dressed in a gown split to the waist. Ah, another acolyte of the Church of the Narnly Nightie.


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