Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Sunday

Mutterings continued.

During which I surveyed the wreckage of last night's festivities and frivolities, did the washing and visited my favourite second-hand bookshop for booty (and found it).

D'you want silver foil with that?
Picked up some beef parcel thingies from my favourite butcher for dins last night. Very tasty but I must remember to grease the foil before I put the parcels on it and bung them in the oven. It's fun picking silver foil out of your dinner - call it behavioural enrichment. Fortunately, the salad came sans baking products - just a nice baby spinach, teeny yellow tomatoes, fetta cheese and garlic and chilli olives concoction. L and R provided a most delish dessert - fruit salad with lemon and lime sorbet. Sadly, there was no coconut to put with the lime. Or vice versa.

And we watched Kolchak (a ripper about a politician who did a deal with the devil to get ahead - talk about art imitating life! It also had some of the funniest one liners. My favourite was Kolchak's reply to his boss saying that he thought about joining the priesthood - "Then the Inquisition ended and all the fun went out of it."); Space:1999 (also a ripper, this time with Brian "King Richard IV" Blessed); Black Books (in which Manny suffers from Dave's Syndrome) and a Mystied Gamera Vs Gaos.

Just when I get the credit card under control...
The BBC decides to release Maid Marian and Her Merry Men on DVD. Bugger.

Book Bounty

$33 worth of bargains - two issues of Theatre Quarterly from the '70s; Graeme Garden's Compendium of Very Silly Games (and they are!); What Katy Did, a series of books I read as a child (this particular edition was, according to the frontispiece, 'Manufactured in Great Britain' and was presented to Kathleen Stanton, Hope Street Methodist Sunday School); Shakespeare Criticism, a Selection 1623-1840; London Theatre from the Globe to the National; First Plays by A.A. Milne, printed in 1924 and belonging to Marian Dunlop; Christopher Marlow's Tragic Vision, a Study in Damnation.


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