Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Thursday

Mutterings continued.

during which I had a nice long walkie at lunchtime and came up with some silly ideas for a Roman epic.

What is this word "walk" of which you speak, earthling?

Kim and I decided to walk to Secret Squirrel for lunch today, which is all fine and good, however there's a bloody great hill twixt me and said restaurant. And it's one of those hills that go up one side and down the other, so you have to walk up it coming AND going. I had the Shepherd's pie for lunch - had five different sorts of potato on me plate. What more could anyone ask?

Hail, Elephas Maximus!

Hail, Struthio Camelus! I've always thought Elephas Maximus would make a great name for a Roman emperor. As I was working through the collection plan today, silly thoughts about One Clavdivs re-done with the names changed to the taxonomic nomenclature of critters popped into my head. And stayed there.

Elephants Got Toes!

Discovered this little factoid a couple of days ago and am still tickled by it. I knew they had toenails but I didn't realise there were toes attached. Elephants got toes they can move - they're not exactly prehensile but they do wiggle. Our lot are given logs they can strip the bark from with their toesies to keep them supple.

Motor Neurone Disease

A couple of weeks ago, we lost a good friend and colleague to MND. Tomorrow is MND Cornflower Blue Day - wear blue and donate.


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