Friday, April 07, 2006

A Friday

Mutterings continued.

during which I got out of the office to attend a sausage sizzle.

In Memory of Noel.

Noel, our friend and colleague who died from MND, specified in will that money should go to his workmates to have a drink on him. This afternoon we had a bbq and drinkies to remember him.

Worse jobs in the world, I suppose.

Mongoose Publishing, responsible for Babylon 5 RPG and wargames, have got a job going for an Exec Assistant. "An exciting opportunity has become available at Mongoose Publishing.

We are currently looking for an Executive Assistant to work alongside one of the Directors of the company. The ideal candidate will be well-educated, motivated and able to use their own initiative on the fly in a hectic environment. You will be responsible for handling projects given to you by the Director, intercepting and fixing problems before they occur, negotiating with representatives of other companies (such as distributors or licence holders), and taking care of the routine operations of the office. Knowledge of games and the games industry would be an advantage, but by no means essential. The successful candidate will, effectively, have the chance to grow the position into what would be the 'second in command' within the company.

Initial salary will be £17-20,000, depending on experience. This will be revised upon completion of a probationary period, based upon the candidate's ability and achievments. This is a chance to get into the gaming and publishing industry at a senior level and become one of the prime motivators within the company.

The position is based in Swindon, Wilts, UK. Help with accomodation is possible." Sounds cool.

The Gospel of Judas.

The National Geographic channel is showing The Lost Gospel of Judas on Sunday night. Looking forward to it.

R and H (D)

Still no word from Sendit as to when they expect to get Series 1 of Randall and Hopkirk in. According to, they have it in stock, and they're cheaper than Sendit, so I cancelled the order and ordered it through Amazon.


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