Saturday, April 22, 2006

Half a Friday

Mutterings continued.

A productive day, work-wise and socialize-wise. Got quite a bit of work done before heading off for lunch.

Ladies who lunch.

I can understand the attraction of spending relaxing hours nattering while eating nice food, downing cups of coffee and agonising over the cakes. Lunch became afternoon tea and we finally left the Book Caffee at 3pm.

'ere you go, darlin'

I'd heard there was a British provisions shop on Albany Highway....somewhere.... I found it this afternoon and managed to spend nearly $20 on tea bags, Weetabix and crisps. It could have been a lot more however I resisted the pork pies, haggis and chocs. They sell black pudding but I won't hold that against them.

And to round the afternoon off, I paid a visit to Office Works and bought a pen, a folder and a shiny thing, also known as a flash drive. Somehow, 256mb of stuff can fit onto something 3/4 the length and five times the height of a stick of Wrigleys. It flashes a nice greeny-yellow; the one I have at work flashes a very cool blue.

On Tuesday arvo I felt the need to have a mooch through the local library. I haven't been for a while as I have a stack of books still unread on the coffee table. Came out with Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Illustrated Novels; Gaiman and Amano's Sandman: The Dream Hunters and a vid of Dr Who: The Curse of Fatal Death. I've seen if before, thanks to L and R, and wanted to see it again.


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