Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Sunday Mooch

Mutterings continued.

I enjoy a good mooch. Supermarkets are not conducive to a good mooch, markets are. Have just returned from the Fremantle Markets with booty.

Mooch #1.

Magpie's Book Shop, now known as Penny Bannister's - a very nice second-hand book shop near the entrance to the Markets. I went looking for Tom's Midnight Garden and came away with J.M. Barrie's The Admirable Crichton (which has very funny character descriptions and stage directions) and Quality Street. Had a nice chat about theatre with the young man behind the till.

Didn't find Tom's Midnight Garden but suspect I will at Elizabeth's. She has two bookshops in Perth, both of which will be open tomorrow.

Mooch #2

The Coffee Connection. This was not so much a mooch, as a direct purchase, as I always get the same thing - Wombah organic beans.

Mooch #3

Corrynne's Soaps. Four for $12 - bargain. And they smell lovely.

Mooch #4

The market Bread Shop. Too much choice! In the end I went for a Spinach and Fetta Damper, two slices of which I've just eaten wrapped around crispy grilled bacon. Mmmmmm....bacon...

And that was about it. I had coffee at a nice place on the Capuccino Strip, wandered into the fairy dust part of town and past The Pickled Fairy, the Arc of Joan, Into Camelot and The Startled Sheep (The Naive Sheep? Something like that...).


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