Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another great weekend

Mutterings continued.

L and R for dins last night - the vegetable curry and pilau rice turned out rather well. Think I'll increase the quantities of spices next time. The rice wasn't exactly right as I'd run out of onions and didn't have any coriander or brown mustard seeds. Made do with yellow mustard seeds instead. On the plus side, the rice came with a lucky dip - anybody who found the cardamon pods won...a cardamon pod.

Dessert consisted of some lovely plum tartlets, greek yoghurt and Lindt chocs. Mmmm....

The night's viewing: B5 extras from the season 5 DVD (Marcus is frozen, not dead, by the way. The Great Maker said so.); trailers and an interview with Ray Harryhausen from a triple DVD set; Kolchak (Attack of the 7 foot weed monster); Black Books; and the Mysied The Dead Talk Back (only they didn't) - "The first movie filmed entirely with flashlights!".

More quotes:

From "The Selling Wizard" short
Narrator- "What is the first thing that makes a selling wizard?"
Tom- "Bosoms."
(a diagram of a defrosting system is shown)
Narrator-"This cross-section-
Mike- "Makes no sense."
N-"In this 27 cubic foot freezer-"
Mike- "Bodies stack easily"

Took a trip to Fremantle Markets this morning. Had a great long chat with David who works in Magpie's Penny's bookshop about theatre (he's a member of the Croatian theatre group - acts and does props and sets) and Dr Who (discussion about having to provide props for Nightingale naturally segued into The Empty Child episode of Dr Who). Bought a book too - another in the JM Barrie set of plays. Entitled Mary Rose, I think it was one of his early plays. Ooh, just found a couple of postcards inside to send to Macmillan's for a list of new books. "Name (please state style: Miss, Mrs, Rev., etc) requests Messrs. Macmilland & Co to send their General List of New Books as issued, and also fuller information respecting works on those subjects in the following Classifaction which are maked with an X.)

There's a very nice herb and spice shop in the markets where I bought some fenugreek, cumin and corianderr seeds. Also bought a spinach and fetta damper from the bread shop. Tasty.

On doing a bit of research on JM Barrie's plays, I learned that the some of The Boys over whom he became guardian had such tragic ends. One was killed in WW1, one drowned with a friend in a possible suicide pact and another committed suicide at the age of 63.


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