Friday, May 12, 2006

Another Friday!

Mutterings continued.

Blimey. Where are the weeks going?? Nigh on middle of May already.

Nuffink exciting in the letterbox, just an ad for ... something. I screwed it up without reading it.

At work, I got the boss and myself a trackball mousie thing - I like it. I get very sore wrist and shoulders from mousing and using this new-fangled technology has helped. I've got a wireless mouse at home that goes through batteries like mad - I use rechargeables but it's bloody annoying having to keep changing them.

Picked up a Basil Rathbone (seems both my mum and her mum had a huge cruch on him in the 40s) Sherlock Holmes DVD for $2 the other day. I suspect the person who wrote the blurb on the back, a. didn't have a spellchecker, and b. didn't know what they were typing. "The inventor of a revolutionary new bombsite (just the bombsite??) is rescued in Switzerland by Holmes and his always faithful side-kick, Dr John Watson. On their return to London it bcomes evident that the inventor is not all that he seemed.

Sherlock Holme's mortal enemy, Professor James Moriarty, wants control of the bombsite. Holmes and Watson take up thr (sic) challenge to protect the man who invented the device from falling into the habds (sic) of Moriarty and the Nazis."


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