Saturday, April 03, 2004

Sticky Saturday

Mutterings continued.

32c in April, hmmmm......

The plumber has finally been and cleared out the drain in the shower recess. Nothing worse than watching water that isn't yours coming up the drain, into the recess and out onto the bathroom floor. Urgh, and indeed, ewww.

Leece and Rob are off firing rockets today so they'll be over for dinner tomorrow night. I'm cooking individual steak pies, served with a green salad. I played them my recently received Gjellerhorn CD and it had the same effect on them that it had on me when I heard it on Classical FM: "Got to have it!" The CD has video clips, something I discovered when I put it in my PC DVD player.

From Ananova: "Vibrating condom is top draw at inventors' fair

A vibrating condom and an anti-haemorrhoid chair have become the stars of the show at an inventors' trade fair in Geneva.

The condom with an inbuilt vibrator created by a Taiwanese man has proved a top draw for hundreds of visitors to the fair." The mind boggles. The boggles boggles.

The BBC Cult site has an interview with the New Dr Who (TM), Christopher Eccleston. There's also an interview with Paul "Avon" Darrow.


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