Sunday, July 25, 2004

Just call me Nakamura Kumiko.

Mutterings continued. 

My japanese name is 中村 Nakamura (center of the village) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).
Thank you Rob.

Oh dear, reading through Rob's blog it appears that I've contributed to his but not Leece's. Must remedy this.

There are a couple of 'must sees' on the telly - New Tricks on the ABC and David Suchet's Poirot series on the ABC and Hallmark.  I watched The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim last night, a very funny piece it was (though I'm not sure Dame Agatha meant it to be).  A couple of scenes made me laugh out loud, most noticeably that involving a parrot.  M. Poirot's secretary, Miss Lemon, had promised a friend that he could leave his parrot with Poirot while in Scotland.  M. Poirot opens the door to see a delivery man with a parrot in a cage:
"I've got a parrot for a Mr Poyrott."
"Pwah-roh!  It's pronounced Pwah-roh!"
"Right, Guv. I've got a Pwah-roh for a Mr Poyrott."

Hastings is sticking a finger through the bars of the parrot cage.  Poirot says, "Please do not fraternise with that creature. I've nearly got him trained."  "It's only a parrot."  "I was talking to the parrot."

We watched a beautiful Korean film last night entitled "Wonderful Days".  Synopsis from IMDB sums it up pretty well:  " Civilization has been destroyed by war and pollution, but the survivors have built the last city of Ecoban. As most natural resources have been exhausted, Ecoban is powered by pollution. The citizens of Ecoban need to continue creating this pollution leading them into conflict with the inhabitants of Marr while one man just wants to clear away the clouds and see the sky."

It's a combination of CGI and animation and there are times when you think, "That is real!  That is NOT CGI!"  But it was.

An intriguing electrical thingie has been installed on Manning Rd near the intersection with whatever that street is that becomes Hayman Rd in Bentley.  It looks like a large safety net that has been strung between four poles.  It's next to a transformer, I think, pole.  I've looked for aerial acrobats and trapeze artists overhead but haven't seen any.


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