Thursday, January 13, 2005


Mutterings continued.

The mileage (kilometrage sounds silly) on Manfred's odomoter before I realised. I missed his first 1k kms!

Visited Dad in hospital; he's fasting again as the doc is going to do another endoscope tomorrow to see if they can fix his ulcers. The cardiologist finally came to give him the results of the tests done on Saturday - his heart isn't in too bad a state though it has had some damage.

When I got home from work the front door mat was hiding, not very successfully, a long poster tube. My latest acquisition from All Posters has arrived - not art prints this time, something much sillier. And quite cool. "Have you seen this wizard?"

I'm still waiting on a delivery from of the Tertiary HHGTTG tapes (they've had to reship) and some goodies from Leece's Cafe Press shop.


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