Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday at the end of another long week.

Mutterings continued.

I had written a post last night but stupid Blogger managed to lose it. *sigh*

A couple of days ago I wrote about the heartwarming stooooory of a hippo that adopted an Aldabran tortoise. Herewith some very appealing photos. (I'm not sure who they belong to but I trust they will advise me if I should take them down. The photos, not the person.)


Hippo2 Posted by Hello

Hippo3 Posted by Hello

Got home from visiting Dad yesterday to a card from the Post Office advising that a parcel awaits pickup (hopefully the HHGTTG tapes), and a large box from Cafe Press with Leece goodies inside. One cool cheetah t shirt, All unicorns mug and zebra courier bag.

I received an email yesterday from GRADS asking if I will be Props Manager for the forthcoming Winter's Tale. I'll probably say yes. I always say yes. It's the flattery that gets me in every time. *sigh*

Busy day today. Off shopping (I'm planning to try out the mysterious sausage roll maker and need the fixin's), housework, visit Dad, more housework, then L and R for Muppets, Stargate (I hope to show them my favourite episode of TOS, Window of Opportunity) and MST3K.

Your computer is already assisting in the world wide search for SETI, now you can have: Einstein@Home!!

"Albert Einstein suggested long ago that we are adrift in a universe filled with waves from space. Colliding black holes, collapsing stars, and spinning compact celestial objects such as pulsars create ripples in the fabric of space and time that subtly distort the world around us. These gravitational waves have eluded scientists for nearly a century. Exciting new experiments may let them catch the waves in action and open a whole new window on the universe - but they need your help to do it!

What should you do?
Sign up to be notified when Einstein@Home is ready to go live! We can't send you the screen saver right now - it will be available as part of the World Year of Physics celebration in early 2005. But if you get on the list, you'll be among the first to know when everything is ready. We hope as many as a million people will join the effort, which means we need to compile a list of potential users as soon as possible. Einstein@Home is real - and important - science, at the grassroots level."

I understand absolutely nothing of the physics involved but it looks cool and that's the important thing. Physics? We don' need no stinkin' physics!


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