Sunday, May 28, 2006

Went for a bit of a drive.

Mutterings continued.

Lots of activity going on up and down the stairs. The people in the flat above are moving out and it's taking the poor sods all day to move their gear down two flights of stairs.

Went off to Stock Road markets this morning and came back with more books and some vegies. And a couple of bananas. The book stash includes Reginald Hill's A Clubbable Woman (a Dalziel and Pascoe novel), Famous Plays of 1933 (includes Kaufman and Gershwin's Of Thee I Sing), a picture book called London in Colour (1955, red buses in nearly every shot) and a couple of Theatre Quarterlies (Vol. 1: 2, 1971 and Vol.III:9 1973).

Came back, dropped off the booty, had lunch (chicken salad drowned with balsamic vinegar; got a bit carried away) and then choofed off to Bunnings for a mooch through the herb section. Lots of goodies to be had, including stuff I'd never heard of, however I only came back with some Cat Grass, which has been chewed on by M and G already, and some Common Mint. Love the smell of Common Mint.

Foxtel have changed their program packages so I've updated mine to drop sport and include some movie channels (Showtime and World Movies included). Last night I watched a really eerie Chinese thriller from the Pang Brothers called Gin Gwai (The Eye). Review from the NY Times.

My brother put me onto an online radio prog. called Radio 365; I'm currently listening to the SciFantasy station which plays tracks from scifi, anime and fantasy soundtracks. On at present: the Caverns of Isengard from LOTR:FOTR. Just finished: end bit of SW: ANH. Now it's Main Title, Third Season, Babylon 5. Cool.


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