Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another stunner

Mutterings continued.

'nother gorgeous day - off to a cold start, but the skies were clear and temp warmed up eventually.

Went walkies at lunch time and had a squizz at the bub pygmy marmosets - they were squeaking very loudly, crawling all over mum and generally making a very cute nuisance of themselves. Walked past the orangs to see how the young 'un was getting on. He was on one tower and his mother, Sekara, was on the other and he was trying to get back to her. It was great watching him try to work out strategies for getting from where he was to where she was. She had her back to him and was enjoying a bit of peace. I think he gave up in the end and she went over to him.

And we called by orangs Utama and Temara who were enjoying themselves in the sunshine. Utama came up to the window to see what we had and was disappointed that we didn't have a handbag for her to look in. She loves handbags. Temara came over to annoy her and was sitting with Utama's finger in her mouth. Utama had to bare her teeth at Temara to make her stop.


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