Friday, December 05, 2003

Cos I've Got Friday On My Mind....

Mutterings continued.

Another week has flown by. Seems like only this morning it was Monday and the start of another working week. I must have been having an awful lot of fun judging by the way time has flown.

Tasty thunderstorm this afternoon - thunder, huge drops of rain and now the sky has cleared and it's blue overhead. I saw a couple of bedraggled pink and grey galahs sitting on a light pole on Labouchere Rd on the way home.

I saw the "John Edwards is a Douche" episode of South Park last night. Just brilliant! And a very good explanation of how so-called psychic readings are done. Pity poor Kenny's soul ended up a pot roast.

Vale David Hemmings - he was only 62.

There's an interview with Neil Gaiman at - Mostly he's talking about Douglas Adams. Two icons for the price of one!


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