Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cooler Tuesday

Mutterings continued.

Now this is more like it. Nice westerly breeze coming through the window. Much better.

Good news: "On the superhero front, Hugh Jackman has committed to an X-Men 3 and a
spinoff flick with his Wolverine character.

In a recent interview to promote her thriller Hide and Seek, Famke Janssen,
who plays Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix in the X-Men films, confirms Fox is
"developing a script for X-Men 3. It will depend on that script which of the
characters will return."

A very interesting episode of Mythbusters last night. The guys set out to see if it is possible to launch a deckchair into the air with 42 helium filled balloons (it is) and whether eating food with poppyseeds will give you a positive drug reading (it can). In the latter experiment, one guy ate a poppyseed cake, the other three poppyseed bagels. The first tested positive to drugs after only half an hour, and both continued to test positive for up to 18 hours.


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