Saturday, January 15, 2005

Last week Cheezles....

Mutterings continued.

...this week coffee. Last week the local ravens were gathered around a discarded/stolen bag of Cheezles. This morning three of them were enjoying what looked like a discarded disposable cup of coffee on Thelma St. Two were drinking up the liquid on the road, one out of the cup itself.

Went shopping in a different supermarket this morning, all because they had cat food on special. Didn't know where anything was and ended up not getting two vital ingredients for tonight's dinner. Hopefully L and R won't notice....

My HHGTTG Tertiary Phase cds have arrived. I'm looking forward to playing them in the car tomorrow.

Visited Dad in hospital today; he chucked a paddy and demanded real food, or at the very least "two plates of sandwiches and two ice creams!" His doctor compromised and said that if he eats the horrible bland liquid stuff they sent up for his lunch, she'll see what she can do. Three days of living on coloured water (soup) and gelatinous green stuff is not doing a lot for his temper.

I rang Ash this morning for a chat. 5.30am my time, 9.30pm hers. She and her mum are off to York in a couple of weeks for the weekend. They're booked into a hotel opposite the Minster. Sounds lovely and I wish I was there.

The poltergoose is back. Two framed posters and the flat cat silhouette over one of the doors this time. I've put the cat back several times, each time with increasingly longer and stronger mounting tape and the bloody poltergoose turfs it off the wall the next day.

I rescued a spider yesterday. It was a Daddy Longlegs, which doesn't count as a spider, that had decided to park itself on the towel I needed to dry myself off with. I scooted him up the wall and he was last seen above the mirror. Keepers at work keep telling me I should go and visit the new Bird Eating Spiders and Sydney Funnel Webs in the Nocturnal House. My shudders are very eloquent.


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