Friday, June 02, 2006

The long weekend looms

Mutterings continued.

Another three day weekend ahead. Yippeee. Last one 'til September. Monday is Foundation Day.

Not sure what the weekend holds - L and R are off gaming tomorrow and fishing on Sunday so we might have fish for dins on Sunday night.

Lunch at the cafe today and then a stroll through the African Savannah. The nice weather appears to have made some of the critters frisky as the Painted Dogs were all wrestling (a couple were being dragged around by ears by their siblings) and the rhinos were huffing at each other.

The Prisoners news from the Unmutual website:


On 4th May 2006, "Prisoner" fans around the world awoke to news that, according to a SKY press release covered by Broadcast, the BBC, and several national newspapers, the Granada "Prisoner" remake will be going ahead - scheduled for completion in 2007. Director of programmes Richard Woolfe, despite axing SKY One flagship dramas "Hex" and "Dream Team", remains committed to new drama and promised a "thrilling reinvention.....If Doctor Who set the standard, The Prisoner raises the bar". Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston (left) was incorreectly reported by several sources to be in discussions about the lead role. The location of The Village is yet to be decided, although Portmeirion has been ruled out.

During the weekend of 6th May, sources close to Christopher Eccleston reported that he has totally denied any approach or discussions related to playing Number Six, describing the press reports as "nonsense". Eccleston's management agency has also since denied that Eccleston will be playing the character, stating "Sky appear to have got their facts slightly wrong. In a word it's untrue. Chris has not been approached [and] is not in talks. In other words it's all balderdash. Sorry - but that's the truth."

The proposed new series of 6x60-minute episodes is set to cost £8m, making it SKY's most expensive production to date. To be written by Bill Gallagher ("Clocking Off", "Conviction"). Executive producer Damien Timmer said "The Prisoner is like Pandora's box - it's the ultimate conspiracy thriller......Like 24, the new series will entrap you from the opening scene. We hope it will tap into this iconic show's existing cult following, whilst creating a whole new generation of fans."

Radio and TV stations in the UK have also been covering the news, with BBC News 24 mentioning the re-make, and Rick Davy of this very website interviewed live on air by BBC Southern Counties Radio. We will bring more news if and when more announcements are made. For previous reports on the "new series" visit our News Archive.

1/6/6 UPDATE: According to the 3-9 June issue of "Radio Times", the new series re-make will be entitled "Number Six" and not "The Prisoner".


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