Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another soggy Saturday

Mutterings continued.

More rain, hurray!

Usual Saturday - grocery shopping (no shiny stuff - I think I've bought enough DVDs for a while. Until I find A Knight's Tale and Maid Marion for less than $20, that is) for provisions for tonight's dinner (I'm making the beef and ale pie I saw on a cooking show set in Yorkshire. I've even got some Yorkshire puds to go with it!) and a trip to the Post Office to deposit a couple of cheques and buy some posscards.

I finally got to see the League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse last night. It was surprisingly sweet and tender in parts. It was also very bloody and grim in parts. A damn good film. One of the Gentlemen, Mark Gattis, wrote and starred in PROBE, an offshoot of Dr Who featuring Peter Davison, Louise Jamieson and Caroline John. He has also written for and about Dr Who. PROBE is made by the same people who made The Stranger with Colin Baker and (sad fan girl alert) David Troughton.


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