Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's been a good day

Mutterings continued.

Got a lot done this morning, including finishing off the monthly report to the Board, had lunch with Kim at the Italian place next to Secret Squirrel (we're boycotting SS because its prices are too high and the food at the Italian place is much fresher) and then went onto the orang roof with the Docents to give the red people their behavioural enrichment. The highlight was watching Hsing Hsing consider all the options of how to get down to the ground by the quickest and easiest route.

Hsing making his way down to the ground to get his BE (frozen ice lolly with fruit in it).

Slowly working his way across.

Taking a safer route.

Nearly there...

Made it.

Hsing grabs his ice lolly...

... and works his way back up with tower with the ice lolly in his mouth.

Hsing takes a detour.


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