Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What the...?

Mutterings continued.

Transparent duct tape?? Duct tape that's transparent??? Who the hell wants transparent duct tape? How are your actor and director types going to be in awe of us techies is they can't see what we've done? How will they know where their marks are? Or where the set furniture goes? The whole point of duct tape is that it's visible. Highly, nay, extremely visible. It's like the Force - it has a dark and a light side. It's not bloody transparent.

[mutter, mutter] transparent duct tape...I don't know...what's next?...gels that only come in one colour?....[Poss wanders off into the distance, muttering to herself...]

Much excitements at work - the remaining climbing towers are going into the orang enclosures and are being lowered into place by the biggest crane I've ever seen. Huuuuuuge. The tyres are about the same height as me (5'6" in the old money, which is 1...something something cms). Not sure what the orangs think about all the activity but one of them was sitting in her tower, head on her arm which was resting of the edge of 'bucket' (near the top of the climbing towers are large round buckety/wastepaper baskety looking things that the orangs sit in), taking it all in.

Off to Anna Vietnamese tonight with TUS.


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