Monday, August 07, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Headed home all ready to roll up the sleeves and do the final tidying up/vacuuming/floor washing/shower descumming before the estate agent's inspection tomorrow, only to discover he'd been today. Dammit! Not that the place was a tip, it wasn't, it's just that my washing is all over the place, there are Red Rock crisps crumbs on the carpet (left overs from Saturday night) and I hadn't made my bed. *sigh* I rang the guy, who seemed perplexed that I have these damn things every 3 months ("You're only just getting over the last one", he said) and explained why the place looked like a Chinese laundry. He didn't seem to care and said there was nothing wrong with the flat.

The reason my washing is all over the place is that Perth and surrounds have been in the grip of some savage winds and not a little rain. Australind, south of Perth, was hit by a tornado and 26 houses have been destroyed.

The orangs at work have been making the best of a bad situation by huddling on the tops of their towers while wrapping themselves in hessian sacks. Many hessian sacks. The males, Hsing and Dinar, weigh 96kg and 125kg respectively and are probably in little danger of being blown away.

Speaking of news, I've noticed that Sky News and other agencies, print and tv, are asking for photos, vids, news stories, etc from the great unwashed out there, instead of getting it themselves. Is this a way of involving the masses in the gathering of news, or are they just too lazy to send their own reporters out into the field?

From the ABC online article about Australind: "Send us your pictures. Email your pictures and video to ABC News Online or send them via MMS to 0448 859 894 (+61 448 859 894 if you're overseas.) Email address:"

And from the Sydney Morning Herald, "Do you have more information about this story? Contact reporter Dylan Welch at"

Go and get it yourself, you slacker! 8-)

The Mansion of E, by Robert Cook. I like this a lot. I also like Hax: "Hax looks like a hat with legs, which is not surprising, because that's essentially what he is. He gets around by hitching rides on the heads of both willing and unwilling passersby. He works for a rather shadowy and ill-defined individual who goes by the name "God".

Things that make you go, "Squeeeeeee!!"


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