Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A long Wednesday

No dins tonight with TUS as I didn't get off work until 5.30pm. Had a meeting about elephants for the last two hours. This was preceded by a 1.5 hour meeting to discuss research. This was preceded by lunch and a wander past the White-cheeked gibbons and a chat with young Jermei. This was proceeded with an interview with a potential supply officer.

It's been one of those days.

Thanks to Angriest for advising that the first series of Mission:Impossible is available for pre-order at Ezy DVD. I have, of course, pre-ordered it. I have all of the first 3 series on tapes - it will be nice to get a cleaned up version with no watermarks or commercials.

More interesting stuff coming:
John Kay and Steppenwolf.
Lovejoy (vols. 1 - 10)
Lobby Lloyd! Chain!! Max Merrit and the Meteors!!! (I suspect anyone under the age of 45 will have no idea who I'm talking about)
Cattlecar Galactica, series 2


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