Friday, July 28, 2006

More nicely wet weather.

It's been sprinkling on and off for most of the day; a heavy downpour was loosed just as I left work.  Fortunately my car is parked right next door to the building so I didn't get wet at all.  Was dampened a little when I checked the mailbox when I got home.

Off to Hedda tonight - I'm ushering (ie telling people where to go, to shut up and to turn their bloody phones off) tonight and again next Friday.  Feels odd just turning up and not actually having to do anything else.  The last time this happened was with Noises Off - I organised front of house that time and turned up to every performance bar one, and laughed like a drain every night.

Had some very tasty tomato soup for lunch at the Cafe and then walked back via
the elephants and White-cheeked gibbons.  Jermei, the youngster who was
hand-raised before being introduced back to her parents, came up to us to see
what treats we had.  Director Helen just had a shell which Jermei was quite
interested in until she realised she couldn't eat it.  Both gibbon youngsters
are girls and are black with white cheeks, like their Dad.  They won't go the
golden colour of their mother until they reach puberty.  Not sure why evolution
took this particular turn - I guess there must be some environmental advantage
for all youngsters to look like males.

Wall mounted keyboard - this must be the future!


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